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Jalapeño Sauces


Dad's Jalapeno Sauces in four flavors:

Red, Green, Peach and Chipotle, all made from fresh old-time standard jalapenos - the kind of peppers that don’t burn your face off!


Peach Products

From the Salsa to the Jalapeno Sauce, Syrup, Preserves and Vinaigrette, all of these products are made from world famous Palisade Peaches.

Vinaigrette Salad Dressings

Bursting with the flavors of fresh fruits, our Spiced Pear, Jalapeno Peach and Raspberry Vinaigrettes will bring a new delight to all your fresh garden salads. Three new ways to toss freshness into your salads.

Fruit Syrups

Our four delicious Fruit Syrups are available in Palisade Peach, Apricot, Seedless Raspberry, and the very difficult to find Wild Chokecherry.

Soft - Jelled Jellies

From our favorite Plum Jelly to our prized Jalapeno Pepper Jellies, these soft-jelled treats are like none you will find among the national brands.

Fruit Butters

Lightly spiced jams made from Jonathan Apples, Sweet Bartlett Pears, and Elephant Heart Plums - all grown right here at Pear Blossom Farms.


Available in Hot or Mild versions, our Southwest style Peach Salsa is the only one we know of that is made with Peaches instead of Tomatoes.