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At Pear Blossom Farms, we believe that what comes out of our jars can only be as good as what we put into them. The following description of ingredients says a lot about the quality of our products.


We think that spices sold off the rack in big discount stores are of a lesser quality, so we buy all of our spices from a Colorado spice company that sells nothing but spices.

Fresh Squeezed Juice:

Many of our products contain citrus juice – lime or lemon – used for acidity and flavor enhancement. Powdered citric acid works for acidity, but citrus juice tastes better. And the best taste of all, as usual, comes from fresh juice.  So we squeeze the limes and lemons ourselves.

Pure Sea Salt:

There are few flavor components more important than salt. Nothing matches the natural salt of the sea, and after a great deal of searching, we finally found a sea salt that is truly pure. It has no additives: no iodine and no anti-caking agents – just pure sea salt made on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


We use only pure cane sugar in all of our products – no corn syrups or artificial sweeteners.


We use only apple cider vinegar. It has the same acidity as regular distilled vinegar (made from corn), but apple cider vinegar actually tastes good.


Our salsas include pickled jalapenos because they are more consistent in heat and flavor than fresh ones. We make our own pickled jalapenos from fresh local chilies in apple cider vinegar.

Fresh Produce:

The most important ingredients in all of our products are the fruits and vegetables they are based on. And whether you are talking about tomatoes, peaches, or chilies, there are dozens (often hundreds) of varieties, each with different characteristics. These differences are very important in how they affect quality – flavor, color, texture – as well as shelf life and ease of handling. With tomatoes for example, the variety that ships best may differ from the variety that makes the best salsa. With peaches, what works best for preserves may be different than the best variety for syrup. The basis of our expertise in food production comes from an understanding – through generations of a family dedicated to finding those answers – of how to harvest and how to preserve the best varieties of particular fruits and vegetables.

The truth about “ripe” fruits and vegetables:  “Tree Ripe” and “Vine Ripe” are terms that are used in the food industry to impress consumers with the idea of quality. The truth is, all fruits and vegetables ripen in stages, and the stages are not always best completed on the tree or the vine.  Pears for example, will begin to rot in the center if allowed to fully ripen on the tree. Peaches that ripen fully on the tree are sometimes slightly past their peak of flavor. Generally referred to as “over-ripes” or “seconds,” this kind of fruit is commonly used in jam. And like all products, its quality can never be as good as that made from fruit which is at the very best stage of ripeness.

So it is important that produce is harvested at exactly the right time, and then held at precise temperature and humidity (these also differ from one item to the next), to achieve the absolute peak of flavor, color, and texture. These are the things that distinguish the flavors and colors of our products. And, along with selecting the best varieties of particular fruits and vegetables, it is what makes our products unique.