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Farming is a long-term proposition. The formation of Pear Blossom Farms has been one as well, with deep and well-established roots of family and farming traditions. What our ancestors thought of as simple and proper ways of life, rather naturally over time became our slogan – “A Legacy of Good Taste”.

Fruit treesMuch of our “Legacy” comes from a time when people kindly took in complete strangers who were traveling and hungry.Apple Pie Our grandparents told us of such things in stories from their childhoods, before there were automobiles; times when people searching for better lives or for loved ones had to do so from the back of a horse or the seat of a wagon. Those days may be gone, but the sentiment of sharing with the weary traveler remains, as a strong and noble part of our culture.

It is hard to say where those traditions will lead Pear Blossom Farms from here, but in many ways our story must be similar to those of other family farms. Many of them share the same challenges and enjoy a lot of the same rewards.image 05So we thought sharing some of those rewards and challenges might be interesting to people who support what we do. There are interesting stories about the best friends a farm can have; the struggles we face may help people understand more about what it takes to keep small farms going. And, the new digital world seems like a fitting place for us to share our “Legacy” with those who travel in a very different way today than from a horse, but who still search the world for good food.

To that end, we intend to use this forum to reveal certain things about how our delicious products are made. We’ll talk about the things we put in them, as well as the things that we don’t! We may even from time to time share certain things about the various ways we achieve our best results. Above all, we hope to do a good job promoting a greater interest in small farms, and to encourage all those who search for good food to ask their favorite stores and restaurants to carry the wholesome and nutritious foods that small farms like ours still produce. There are other fine local producers in our part of the world, and we plan to talk about some of them too. Welcome to an inside view of a real family farm, with a firsthand look at the culture of farming tradition. We hope you enjoy the things we share here, and that you will return often to see how things are coming along out on the farm!