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The gig was fun and everyone loved the pumpkin cake with whipped cream mixed with a tad of vanilla, and your preserves! The whipped cream whipped to a standing peak and then mixed with your peach preserves held up beautifully, tested it and for three days it was perfect. Everyone loved it and the syrup as well. My daughter tasted the preserves and said it was the best she had ever had!! You, my friend, have top notch products with the taste, texture and quality that makes it the best. I will be out to Christmas shop.

- Dixie Burmeister - Host of Dixie B Food for Thought

I’m giving your Savory Salsa as Christmas presents this year – I think it is the best in the west. You have a tried and true consumer in Utah – and my eggs love you too!

Barbara – Salt Lake City, UT

We were visiting our parents at their farm in October when we stumbled upon your delicious goods. My Dad’s Peach Jalapeno Sauce bottle is almost empty & I have had many requests from coworkers to get them some so I was very pleased to find your website on the bottle!

Shelby – Bozeman, MT

Thanks for your quick response to my order. We are certainly enjoying the products we purchased while on vacation in Colorado.

O.C. – Houston, TX

Please send me 2 bottles of Peach Syrup. They are so delicious!! My 3 year old can’t eat pancakes without it.

Kathleen – Cave Creek, AZ

Thank for your sauce! We enjoyed it at breakfast at the Main Street Cafe in Grand Junction while we were on vacation. Delicious!

Denise – Oakville, IA

Best stuff on earth!

Aaron, Austin, TX

By far the best hot sauce I have ever had. By far! I have a collection of hot sauces, most of them of the “industrial” kind (unfortunately), but yours is truly outstanding. They are not going to last very long.

Marco – Sacramento, CA

Hi folks, It’s been a fast, busy and sometimes crazy summer. I deserve a treat….Please send a case of Dad’s Red Hot Sauce.

Rex - Riverton, Utah

Dear Pear Blossom, Please send 12 bottles of the green jalapeno sauce. We just love this stuff! We got our friends hooked and they want some now too.

Jason & Laurie…..Gladstone, Oregon

Please send me 6 bottles of Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce. (It’s the best!)

Nancy - Ignacio, Colorado

We discovered your Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce on a trip last year. It is superb!!!

Diane - Farmington, New Mexico

Help! -- Need Chile Sauce

  • 4 bottles Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce
  • 2 bottles Green

Bill - Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Hello dear people of Pear Blossom Farms, I love your hot sauce, it’s the best! I only worry that some big company will buy you out and then screw up the recipe! Please send 1 case of Dad’s Red.

Glenn - Smithville, Texas

Please send me a case of Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce, Thanks so much! It’s very popular around here! Everyone who tries it wants a bottle. Thanks

Luke - Greeley, Colorado

Ladies & Gentlemen, Please accept my check for six (6) bottles of your “Dad’s Red Jalapeno Sauce” Still the best sauce I have ever had!!! You can be assured every drop will be enjoyed. Keep up the good work!

Bruce - Ordway, Colorado

My name is Melanie and I spoke with you on the phone earlier today about placing an order for 4 bottles of Pear Blossom Farms hot sauce (I believe it has lime in it?) Have enclosed check. Last week during my vacation I ate at a restaurant in Gunnison, CO where I tried this hot sauce for the first time. It was wonderful!

Melanie - Salem, Missouri

To whom it may concern. I would like to order a case of your “Dad’s Green Jalapeno Sauce” I absolutely love your sauce!!! I used the 3 bottles of green sauce my parents gave me in about 1 month. Thanks,

Matt - Norman, Oklahoma

Dear Pear Blossom, Please find the enclosed check for 4 bottles of the Dad’s Green Jalapeno Sauce. And may I just say….this stuff is fabulous! I received a bottle in a gift basket and was very pleased to find out that you are able to replenish my supply via UPS.
Thank you very much

Patricia - Pagosa Springs, Colorado